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I am spiritual master from Himalayan foothills divine light is natural to every human being

With my extensive knowledge and intuitive understanding and experience in astrology I can help solving various problems of love, relationship, soul mate relation and in reuniting your love and partner for the life and bringing in harmony in life of my clients. I can enlighten my clients understanding and help you in discovering your real self and can make your life million times more real more luminous, more colourful, more vibrant, more exciting, more wondrous, more joyful and more ecstatic than anything physical With my expertise I can help you to come out of the fascinating illusions which are blinkered by our mundane, petty, terrestrial preoccupations that prevent us from exploring ourselves and attaining the state of the Cosmic Consciousness which will help in illuminating the real bliss is within yourself The highlights of my work to help my clients are in the following areas: 1. Relationship building and trust in relationship 2. Overcoming relationship stress and anxiety 3. Developing harmony with partner 4. Understanding soul mate connection 5. Building affective and everlasting ties with the partner 6. Developing heartful connection with partner 7. Overcoming all relationship problems 8. Overcoming relationship insecurity

Experience & Qualifications

Gifted psychic ability and astrology to offer best and truest understanding to my client. With my further research and understanding can help all my clients in solving love, career, finance, relationship, marital issues or health. I would love to work to help you and give direction to you in order to keep you mentally, physically, psychological healthy in the shortest time available to us or as long as you wish to stay connected


MBBS,Spiritual Master,Cosmic Energy Healing

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